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More song lit

I kept a list last month while I was adjudicating the second round of college students at the Classical Singer competition in Chicago.  We heard a long four hours of undergraduate students singing one song each, for the most part, and we send six on to the next round.

Here’s a partial list of what we heard (with some commentary):

  • Kurt Kaiser: The Longing Soul (what a wonderful work this is!)
  • Mozart: Il mio tesoro intanto
  • Handel: V’adoro pupille
  • Strauss: Beim Schlafengehen (not the best choice for a younger voice, as this song requires some emotional weight of the years)
  • Copland: Heart, we will forget him
  • Mozart: Batti, batti
  • Bellini: Oh! Quante volte
  • Weill: Lonely House
  • Mozart: Un aura amarosa
  • Tchaikowsky: Nur wer di sehnsuch kennt
  • Mechem: Fair Robin I love
  • Bellini: La ricordanza
  • Fauré: Au bord de l’eau
  • Böhm: Still wie die nacht
  • Mozart: Ah! Fuggi il traditor
  • Britten: The last rose of summer
  • Verdi: Saper vorresti
  • Schubert: Du bist die ruh
  • Bolcom: Song of Black Max
  • Donizetti: Ah! Tardai troppo
  • Dvorak: Song to the Moon
  • Hahn: Ah Chloris!
  • Mozart: Che beltà, che leggiadria
  • Donaudy: Perche dolce caro bene
  • Donizetti: Chacun le sait
  • Mozart: Non piu andrai
  • Mozart: Porgi, amor
  • Quilter: Love’s Philosophy
  • Mozart: Voi che sapete
  • Puccini: O mio babbino caro
  • Duparc: Soupir
  • Duparc: Phidylé
  • Handel: Total Eclipse
  • Dell’Acqua: Villanelle
  • Handel: Pastorella vaghe bella
  • Copland: Laurie’s Song
  • Gounod: Ah! Je veux vive
  • Lalo: Vainement, ma bien aimée
  • Rossini: Ecco ridente in cielo
  • Handel: Svegliatevi nel core
  • Beach: Ah, love but a day
  • Fine: Polar Oli
  • Mozart: Un moto di gioia
  • Parry: My heart is like a singing bird