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International Thespian Festival – day three audition songs

A mostly-complete list of songs performed in college auditions at the International Thespian Festival (Lincoln, Nebraska) on day three . . . .

  • When he sees me, Waitress
  • If I loved you, Carousel
  • Nothing, Chorus Line
  • Killer instinct, Bring It On*
  • Boy with dreams, Edges
  • I can cook too, On the Town
  • The next time it happens, State Fair
  • Take me or leave me, Rent
  • Why God why, Miss Saigon
  • Sister’s pickle, Amélie
  • Your daddy’s son, Ragtime
  • Letter from the refuge, Newsies
  • Corner of the sky, Pippin*
  • Harry, Harry the Musical
  • Home, Beauty and the Beast
  • Princess, A Man of No Importance
  • Gorgeous, The Apple Tree
  • Santa Fe, Newsies
  • So big so small, Dear Evan Hansen*
  • She loves me, She Loves Me
  • All falls down, Chaplin
  • Light in the piazza, Light in the Piazza
  • Only us, Dear Evan Hansen
  • Wheels of a dream, Ragtime
  • Gimme gimme, Thoroughly Modern Millie*
  • The color of your eyes, Daddy Long Legs
  • Whatever happened to my song, Spamalot*
  • Love’s a gun, Love’s Labours Lost
  • Run away with me, Unauthorized Biography etc.
  • Think of me, Phantom of the Opera
  • Right-hand man, Something Rotten
  • Safer, First Date
  • Made of stone, Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • Somewhere that’s green, Little Shop
  • I’m lost, Anna Karenina
  • If ever I would leave you, Camelot
  • No one else, Great Comet
  • Halloween, Rent
  • It’s hard to speak my heart, Parade
  • Always starting over, If/Then
  • Just not now, I Love You Because
  • Screw loose, Cry Baby
  • Till I hear you sing, Love Never Dies*
  • Forever, Dear Evan Hansen
  • Maybe we just made love, I Love You Because
  • Freddie my love, Grease
  • Sadder but wiser girl, Music Man
  • Anyway, Tales of the Bad Years
  • Live out loud, Little Princess
  • Everything I know, In the Heights
  • I enjoy being a girl, Flower Drum Song
  • I don’t remember you, Happy Time
  • I think I like her, Summer of ’42
  • Being alive, Company
  • Tonight at eight, She Loves me
  • Shy, Once Upon a Mattress
  • Mad Hatter, Wonderland
  • Maybe this time, Now. Here. This.
  • Carrie, Carrie
  • I’m here, Color Purple
  • Mr. Cellophane, Chicago

*heard more than once

Jackson’s migrating vowels

One of my private students was having trouble getting a vowel to consistently sound the same no matter the initial consonant, so we made a list of words that he can sing that will help him keep that vowel in exactly the same location.  Sing these slowly and focus on how the vowel emerges from the initial consonant:

  • Pet
  • Met
  • Set
  • Bet
  • Let
  • Net
  • Get

You may then run these on an /æ/ vowel, and on /a/.

Being still

Last week I was working with P., one of my new students.  P. has a pretty fair amount of tension and ‘manufacturing’ going on.  Breaths are noisy and somewhat constricted.  The jaw extends quite a ways more than optimal.  Shoulders pull in on high and loud notes.

So we did yoga.

I asked P. to sit on the floor, cross-legged, and to rest her hands, palms up, on her knees.  I asked P. to close her eyes and breath through a relaxed mouth, without any noise or urgency.

And then we sang:


We wanted every note to be free — no pressing, no bumping, no tension.  Vibrancy, smoothness, connectedness — these were the words of the day.  “Let everything else go,” I kept telling her.  We were certain to really slide between pitches, connecting and feeling the muscles just move in loveliness along the way.  we kept rising by half steps.

And when she stood after a few repetitions on successively higher half steps, and we continued up and up and up with freedom and with unity in the voice — with no break and no fear and no overt exertion — and those tears came to her eyes when she said “I’ve never felt that free, or sung that high,” I knew we had a winner.

I’ve tried this exercise with every student for the past week.  It works.

Be still.  Breathe.  And sing.