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Boys’ changing voices

I seem to have been gifted a few new students who are beginning or in the midst of a voice changes.  And thus I must seek out some Songs with limited range (an octave or so).

Here’s a list of some possibilities:

Johnny One Note (in C or even B-flat), Rodgers and hart

Bye, bye love, by the Everly Brothers

Let’s go fly a kite, Mary Poppins

If the rain’s gotta fall, Half a Sixpence (original score)

It just wasn’t meant to happen, Calvin Berger

Love thy neighbor (chorus 16 bars), The Prom

Candle on the water, Pete’s Dragon

By my side, Godspell

Talk to the animals, Doctor Doolittle

Edelweiss, The Sound of Music

Give my regards to Broadway, Cohan

Accident waiting to happen (Robert’s 16 bars), Drowsy Chaperone

And see also

36 Solos for Young Singers (Joan Frey Boytim, ed.), published by Hal Leonard

The Boy’s Changing Voice (Richard Walters, ed.), published by Hal Leonard

See also a posting I wrote 18 months ago about Broadway songs for 12-15 year-old boys.