Jackson’s migrating vowels

One of my private students was having trouble getting a vowel to consistently sound the same no matter the initial consonant, so we made a list of words that he can sing that will help him keep that vowel in exactly the same location.  Sing these slowly and focus on how the vowel emerges from the initial consonant:

  • Pet
  • Met
  • Set
  • Bet
  • Let
  • Net
  • Get

You may then run these on an /æ/ vowel, and on /a/.


About Jeffrey Carter

University administrator, voice teacher, choral director, professor, singer, professional theatre music director, brother, son, uncle, Anglican, Scotch drinker, chef of moderate talent, NPR fanatic, gin aficionado, proponent of the music of Herbert Howells and Elgar and Vaughan Williams, pianist, composer, theatre geek, dog love & cat hater, author & blogger, world traveler, church organist, Anglophile.

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