Morning routine

Robert came to lessons last week, tired . . . bleary-eyed . . . not ready to sing.

Ten minutes later, he was amazed at how easily he was hitting the tenor notes, and his voice had real ping in it.

All I did was remind Robert of the morning routine, AKA the routine to use before you go to class, or when just needing to get the voice moving without working hard on technique.

Here’s what we do:

1.  Starting at the upper end of the lower register, alternate between a hum and ‘ah’ on three descending pitches.  Continue by descending half-steps until you can’t sing any lower.  Then start again and work up by half steps until you reach a D or E as the starting note.  The hum will start to feel tight at that pitch level.


2.  Then broaden the pitch range slightly, following the other descending then ascending half-step sequence.


3.  Then broaden the pitch range slightly again.  As you move toward the upper register, change the ‘ah’ to ‘aw’ for better roundness and less tendency to spread the upper vowel.



About Jeffrey Carter

University administrator, voice teacher, choral director, professor, singer, professional theatre music director, brother, son, uncle, Anglican, Scotch drinker, chef of moderate talent, NPR fanatic, gin aficionado, proponent of the music of Herbert Howells and Elgar and Vaughan Williams, pianist, composer, theatre geek, dog love & cat hater, author & blogger, world traveler, church organist, Anglophile.

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