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Lessons from NATS

I’m reposting this from my personal blog……

Here are lessons from a recent NATS competition.

Teaching voice

[from June 2010]

While I was attending the Voice Foundation workshops in Philadelphia earlier this month, I found myself pondering all the different things that we voice teachers actually teach.

Herewith, an incomplete list:

  • communication
  • technique
  • deportment
  • breathing
  • acting (action, gesture, emotion, face)
  • diction
  • modern and ancient languages
  • mental imagery
  • preventative health
  • collaboration with others (at the least, the pianist)
  • musical style
  • historical understanding
  • self-confidence

New blog

I keep thinking about writing about the discoveries and lessons I am gleaning and gaining and giving as a voice teacher.  Over the next year, I’ll see where this blog leads me.