Audition songs

The International Thespian Society annual festival is back in person this year, and college auditions are taking place.

Herewith, the list of songs performed at the auditions!

I know I missed maybe five of the songs, but this list is pretty accurate as a snapshot of what students are learning, being taught, and deciding to program for college musical-theatre auditions when they have wide open choices.

The list:

  • Stranger to the rain.  Children of Eden.
  • The Lion King. Lifelike.  Young Frankenstein.
  • The next time it happens.  State Fair.
  • One perfect moment.  Bring It On, the Musical. X3
  • Everything else.  Next to Normal.
  • Make it here.  Island Song.
  • I don’t know what I’d do without you.  AGGTLAM.
  • Stay with me.  Into the Woods.
  • Will he like me?  She Loves Me.
  • I don’t know how to love him.  Jesus Christ Superstar.
  • I love the way.  Something Rotten.
  • Everlasting.  Tuck Everlasting.
  • Crossing a Bridge.  Anastasia.
  • On the steps of the palace.  Into the Woods.  X2
  • Flying to the future.  The Vanities. X2
  • One normal night.  Addams Family.  X2
  • Pulled. Addams Family. X3
  • Dreamer in disguise.  Carrie.
  • What’s the use of wondering.  Carousel.
  • I wanna go home.  Big the Musical.
  • Watch what happens.  Newsies.
  • Empty chairs at empty tables.  Les Miz. X4
  • No one else.  Great Comet.  X2
  • Funny honey.  Chicago.  X2
  • I wish I were in love again.  Babes in Arms.
  • Somewhere that’s green.  Little Shop of Horrors.  X2
  • Everybody loves Louis.  Sunday in the Park with George.  X2
  • I’d give my life for you. Miss Saigon.  X2
  • I cain’t say no.  Oklahoma!
  • Anthem.  Chess.
  • Shopping Around.  Wish You Were Here.
  • It all falls down.  Chaplin.  X2
  • Right hand man.  Something rotten.  X2
  • Try me.  She Loves Me.
  • Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.
  • Where am I now?  Lysistrata Jones.
  • I’m your man.  Meet John Doe.  X3
  • Grow for me.  Little Shop of Horrors.
  • And I am telling you.  Dream Girls.
  • Corner of the sky.  Pippin.
  • There are worse things I can do. Grease. X2
  • Monticello. Edges.
  • Bright star.  Bright Star.
  • I met a girl.  Bells are Ringing.
  • It’s a perfect relationship.  Bells are Ringing.
  • Not for the life of me.  Thoroughly Modern Millie.
  • He’s a dentist.  Little Shop of Horrors.
  • Come to your senses.  Tick Tick Boom.
  • Cockeyed optimist.  South Pacific.
  • Here I am.  Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.  X2
  • Fly, fly away.  Catch Me If You Can.  X2
  • Breathe.  In the Heights.  X2
  • Come to a party with me.  Dogfight.
  • In my dreams.  Anastasia.
  • Fight the dragons. Big Fish.
  • She used to be mine.  Waitress. X2
  • Nothing short of wonderful.  Dogfight.
  • The man I know.  In the Light.
  • Your daddy’s son.  Ragtime.
  • Freeze your brain.  Heathers.
  • How glory goes.  Floyd Collins.
  • Mama who bore me.  Spring Awakening.
  • Maria.  West Side Story.
  • I don’t need a roof.  Big Fish.
  • What the fuck.  If/Then.
  • I’d rather be sailing.  A New Brain.
  • Where are all the people.  Chaplin.
  • It’s amazing the things that float.  The Flood.  (Peter Mills)
  • Monster.  Frozen.
  • A man’s gotta do what he wants.  Bright Star.
  • Don’t let me go.  Shrek.
  • Letter from the refuge.  Newsies.
  • Everybody says don’t.  Anyone can whistle.
  • Give me your attention.  Now. Here. This.
  • I’d rather be me.  Mean Girls.
  • Once more I can see.  Wonderland.
  • Superboy/invisible girl.  Next to Normal.
  • Dust and ashes.  Great Comet.
  • Always true to you in my fashion.  Kiss Me Kate.
  • Me and the sky.  Come From Away.
  • Time stops.  Big Fish.
  • How did we come to this.  Wild Party.  (Lippa)
  • Let things go.  Ordinary Days.
  • Don’t wanna be here.  Ordinary Days.
  • I’m here.  The Color Purple.
  • Mad Hatter.  Wonderland.  X2
  • Treat me rough.  Nice Work If You Can Get It.
  • Come back.  Dogfight.
  • After all of this and everything.  Freaky Friday.
  • Lost in the brass.  Band Geeks.
  • Art is calling for me.  (Victor Herbert)
  • Almost real.  Bridges of Madison County.
  • See I’m smiling.  Last Five Years.
  • When I look at you.  Scarlet Pimpernel.  X2
  • One song glory.  Rent.
  • Heartbreaker.  Bright Star.
  • Tonight at eight.  She Loves Me.  X2
  • Man about town. Young Frankenstein.
  • All I’ve ever known. Anaïse Mitchell.
  • Boy with dreams.  Edges.
  • If you knew my story.  Bright Star.
  • Jenny’s blues.  It Shoulda Been You.
  • It all fades away.  Bridges of Madison County.
  • Astonishing.  Little Women.
  • My grand plan.  Lightning Thief.
  • When he sees me.  Waitress.
  • What do I need with love.  Thoroughly Modern Millie.
  • Time are hard for dreamers.  Amélie.
  • Spark of creation. Children of Eden.
  • Make them hear you.  Ragtime.
  • History of wrong guys.  Kinky Boots.
  • Another night at Darryl’s.  Witches of Eastwick.
  • Beautiful city.  Godspell.
  • Out of my dreams.  Oklahoma!
  • My grand plan.  Lightening Thief.
  • Even though.  I love you because  . . .
  • What is it about her?  The Wild Party.  (Lippa)
  • Purpose.  Avenue Q.
  • Neverland.  Finding Neverland.
  • Warrior Girl.  Ultimate Storytime.
  • I’m not that smart.  Spelling Bee.
  • Welcome home.  Bandstand.
  • Michael in the bathroom.  Be More Chill.
  • I’ll be here. Ordinary Days.
  • Still hurting.  Last Five Years.
  • I can’t do it alone.  Chicago.
  • Stupid with love.  Mean Girls.
  • Benedicite.  Nunsense
  • With you.  Ghost.
  • Dear Mr. Gershwin. Radio Gals.
  • Carrie.  Carrie.
  • Shy.  Once upon a mattress.
  • Easy as life.  Aida.
  • I speak six languages.  Spelling Bee.
  • Surabaya-Santa.  Songs for a New World.
  • Oh what a beautiful morning.  Oklahoma!
  • Worst pies in London.  Sweeney Todd.
  • She loves me.  She loves me.
  • Last midnight.  Into the Woods.
  • Just breathe.  The Prom.
  • I say no.  Heathers.


Sondheim. He’s brilliant!


The Serenity Prayer for Singers:


A random statement in a lesson today. And I started riffing on words that are different in British English.

Out came “aluminium,” the world-wide standard pronunciation of what we English-speaking North Americans call aluminum.

And then it hit me: this is a perfect word for a vocal exercise, given all those nasal continuants.

So off we went —

I shall forever call this Nate’s Aluminium Exercise in honor of the student who was in lesson at the time, Nate Garner.

It’s silly, but sometimes these simple words can be of great service to vocal technique and a healthy start-of-practice-time.


I may have posted this before, but it’s too good not to share again.

Some voice-teacher fun for a Friday!…..


Thanks to my friend Todd for sharing this with me.

An important read

This article popped up in my feed this week —


Friends, this is an important read!

I have had discussions about vocal health with several students recently, one of whom practically blew out the voice at a football game recently, and spent a week getting the range back into shape.  Another is showing signs of singing poorly over the summer, and I’m concerned enough to recommend professional assessment of possible vocal events that may have occurred.

The voice is just cartilage and muscle (and air pressure), and is a delicate mechanism made to withstand all the vagaries of daily life, until we start taxing it, or pushing it beyond its possible endurance.

Please be healthy?

Image result for vocal care

Boys’ changing voices

I seem to have been gifted a few new students who are beginning or in the midst of a voice changes.  And thus I must seek out some Songs with limited range (an octave or so).

Here’s a list of some possibilities:

Johnny One Note (in C or even B-flat), Rodgers and hart

Bye, bye love, by the Everly Brothers

Let’s go fly a kite, Mary Poppins

If the rain’s gotta fall, Half a Sixpence (original score)

It just wasn’t meant to happen, Calvin Berger

Love thy neighbor (chorus 16 bars), The Prom

Candle on the water, Pete’s Dragon

By my side, Godspell

Talk to the animals, Doctor Doolittle

Edelweiss, The Sound of Music

Give my regards to Broadway, Cohan

Accident waiting to happen (Robert’s 16 bars), Drowsy Chaperone

And see also

36 Solos for Young Singers (Joan Frey Boytim, ed.), published by Hal Leonard

The Boy’s Changing Voice (Richard Walters, ed.), published by Hal Leonard

See also a posting I wrote 18 months ago about Broadway songs for 12-15 year-old boys.

International Thespian Festival – day four audition songs

Over four days, we heard 556 rising seniors audition for college reps in 90-second blocks.  Thursday alone included five flights of students, at about 35 kids each flight.

This is a mostly complete list of songs that were performed at the auditions:

  • I can do that, Chorus Line
  • Waiting for life to begin, Once On This Island*
  • Losing my mind, Follies
  • You gotta die sometime, Falsettos
  • Pulled, Addams Family*
  • Lyin’ there, Edges
  • I miss the mountains, Next to Normal*
  • Breathe, In the Heights*
  • Proud of your boy, Aladdin
  • Kindergarten boyfriend, Heathers
  • How ’bout a dance, Bonnie & Clyde
  • With you, Ghost*
  • Me, Beauty and the Beast
  • Raining, Rocky
  • Times like this, Lucky Stiff
  • A part of that, Last Five Years
  • Seeing you there, Ordinary Days
  • And they’re off, New Brain
  • When I look at you, Scarlet Pimpernel
  • Freeze your brain, Heathers*
  • Love never dies, Love Never Dies
  • Disneyland, Smile
  • King Herod’s Song, Superstar
  • Corner of the sky, Pippin*
  • In my dreams, Anastasia
  • Out there, Hunchback*
  • When the music played, Dr. Zhivago
  • I believe, Mormon*
  • She used to be mine, Waitress*
  • Lost in the wilderness, Children of Eden
  • World burner, Mean Girls
  • Blue hair, by Joe Iconis
  • It all fades away, Bridges of Madison County
  • Don’t let me go, Shrek
  • Where am I now, Lysistrata Jones
  • Larger than life, My Favorite Year
  • Live out loud, Little Princess
  • Me and the sky, Come From Away
  • How it ends, Big Fish
  • The kite, Charlie Brown
  • On the street where you live, My Fair Lady
  • I can cook too, On the town*
  • All grown up, Bare,
  • I am what I am, La Cage
  • One perfect moment, Bring It On
  • Fly fly away, Catch Me If You Can
  • Michael in the bathroom, Big Chill
  • Unusual Way, Nine
  • Someday, Hunchback*
  • Stranger to the rain, Children of Eden
  • This is not over yet, Parade
  • So much better, Legally Blonde
  • She loves me, She Loves Me
  • You gotta die sometimes, Falsettos
  • Johnny one note, Rodgers & Hart
  • I Don Quixote, Man of La Mancha
  • Aldonza, Man of La Mancha
  • I’ve never been in love before, Guys and Dolls
  • Purpose, Avenue Q
  • What you gonna do when it all falls down
  • The life I never led, Sister Act*
  • Grow for me, Little Shop
  • I didn’t plan it, Waitress
  • Diva’s Lament, Spamalot*
  • Sadder but wiser girl, Music Man
  • Somewhere that’s green, Little Shop
  • I want to go to Hollywood, Grand Hotel
  • I know the truth, Aida
  • I feel pretty, West Side Story
  • Don’t wanna be here, Ordinary Days*
  • I hope you can see this, Meet John Doe
  • I could have danced all night, My Fair Lady
  • Someone like you, Jekyll & Hyde
  • My new philosophy, Charlie Brown
  • Anthem, Chess
  • Words fail, Dear Evan Hansen
  • Somewhere, West Side Story
  • History of wrong guys, Kinky Boots*
  • You’ll be back, Hamilton
  • Dust and ashes, Great Comet
  • What more can I say, Falsettos
  • How could I ever know, Secret Garden
  • Colored women, Memphis
  • My big French boyfriend, Toxic Avenger
  • Journey from the past, Anastasia*
  • Adelaide’s lament, Guys and Dolls
  • In love with you, First Date*
  • Together again, Young Frankenstien
  • I cain’t say no, Oklahoma!
  • My lord and master, King and I
  • Vanilla ice cream, She Loves Me*
  • When words fail, Shrek
  • Dyin’ ain’t so bad, Bonnie & Clyde
  • Part of your world, Little Mermaid
  • Man up, Mormon
  • Somebody gotta love you, Color Purple
  • Some enchanted evening, South Pacific
  • What do I need with love, Thoroughly Modern Mille
  • Santa Fe, Newsies
  • Letter from the refuge, Newsies
  • Pretty funny, Dogfight
  • Maria, West Side Story

*heard two or more times on the same day